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UTM to Geographic Coordinates

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How to use

To convert your UTM coordinates to geographic system.

  • Download this template.
  • Fill it in with your UTM coordinates.
  • Upload the template to this website by clicking the "Upload UTM coordinates" button.
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Learn About Geographic Coordinate System

The geographical coordinates latitude and longitude are a spherical angular coordinate system whose center is the center of the Earth, they help us to accurately locate any point on planet earth since any horizontal point on the earth has two coordinates, a latitude coordinate and a longitude coordinate.

Definitions of latitude and longitude:


All points on the earth that are north of the zero parallel or line of the equator have a north latitude coordinate and all points on the earth that are south of the equator have a south latitude coordinate. North and South latitude, both are made up of 90 degrees each.


All points on the earth that are to the east of the zero meridian or greenwich meridian have an east longitude coordinate and all points on the earth that are west of the greenwich meridian have a west longitude coordinate. The east and west longitude are both made up of 180 degrees each.

Learn About UTM (Universal Transversal Mercator)

In the UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinate system, the earth has been divided into 60 zones from zone 1 to 60, these divisions have been made in the same direction as the meridians.

To represent a point on the earth in UTM coordinates, it is necessary to have the following information about that point:


Corresponds to the zone where the point is located.


Indicates if the point is in the northern or southern hemisphere..


Corresponds to the number of meters from the starting line of the area to the east.


Corresponds to the number of meters to the north that is the point of the hemisphere.


UTM to Geographic Coordinates allows us to easily convert coordinates that are in the UTM (Universal Transversal Mercator) system to the Geographic Coordinate System.