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JSON Formatter

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JSON Formatter is a tool that allows you to beautify information in JSON format, said beautification has some characteristics that provide users with an easy reading of the content.

The benefits of using JSON Formatter are increased by analyzing strongly nested or very deeply nested data.

Here are some of the benefits that JSON Formatter provides:

Marking of braces { } and brackets [ ].

Selecting a braces or bracket automatically marks it's pair brace or bracket.

Content folding

To the right of each JSON object there is a button that allows folding and unfolding the content to provide an easier and more organized reading.

Multiple JSON root objects.

It allows to format and display multiple JSON root objects at the same time, with this the task of reading information is expedited for users.

How to use

  • Paste your JSON content in the JSON Data section or upload your JSON file by clicking on the "Upload json file" icon.
  • Click on the "Format JSON" button and your JSON content will be formatted.

Learn about JSON

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a simple and human-readable format that serves to represent structured information in the form of a tree, the structure of a JSON file can contain numbers, strings, booleans, arrays, objects and nulls, it is used very widely as an alternative to XML format because it has the same advantages and is lighter.

JSON is a structured text-based language which allows it to be used as a means of exchanging information between different programming languages in a natural way. There are many programming languages that have one or more libraries dedicated to parse its content and vice versa.

In addition, it is also widely used as a data exchange format between client and server.

A JSON object can optionally be stored in a text file with .json extension and with MIME type application/json, this way of storing is useful for some cases.