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JSON Minifier

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JSON Minifier is a tool that allows us to minify or compress JSON content. JSON Minifier is the opposite of JSON Formatter since the latter beautifies the JSON code and JSON Minifier compresses it.

How to use

  • Paste the JSON content in the text box above or upload a JSON file by clicking the "Upload JSON file" button.
  • Click the "Minify JSON" button, then your JSON content will be minified.

Learn about JSON Minification

JSON content minification consists of removing from it all the characters that are not necessary to fulfill its purpose, which is to store certain information in a certain structure. Characters such as tabs, spaces, and line breaks are removed, thus preserving only the characters that are strictly necessary to compose the JSON content.

Minification helps reduce the storage space required by data and also helps accelerate transfer speeds when data is sent over a network.